Core Capabilities

• Ethernet Full Layer 3 Code Ownership and Customization
• Linux OS Customization
• Driver Development
• Protocol Development
• Windows Based Network Management System Supporting Large Scale Networks

• Multi-core CPU Deployment Onto Board Level Products
• Up to 10G Industrial Ethernet Hardware Development
• Hot Swappable Power Supplies
• Hot Swappable Copper or Fiber Modular Designs
• Multi-industry Specific Designs Such as IEC61850-3, UL C1D2, UL864, ect.

• Successfully Designed/Customized Products for OEM Customers Across the Globe
• Highly Accountable Supplier to Global OEM/ODM Customers for 11 years. Reference Is Available Upon Request
• Top Quality, 100% on-time Delivery and Competitive Prices

• ISO9001:2008 Certified Facility
• 100% in-house Function Test
• Product Field Fail Rate: Below 0.1% Industrial Standard. Achieved 0.01% for Many Customers
• 5-Year Warranty
• No-question-ask Return Policy

• 24 X 7 Technical Support to Any Customer Across the Globe
• Global Distribution/Service Channel is Being Rapidly Developed
• Pre-stage Design Consulting for Your System Is Available
• 99% On-time Delivery Has Been Performed
• Reference Is Available Upon Request