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Suzhou Case Study

Key Features and Benefits- why Henrich won:
• Redundant Network Recovery in under 15 ms
• Layer 3 Managed Switch Software
• Robust Design including operating Temperatures of -40 to 75C
• Dual redundant power inputs
• Small size of the switch for tight spaces
• Power over Ethernet options to power cameras

Passenger Information Systems provides various kinds of information inside a train or on the platforms for passengers. PIS consists of displays, broadcasting systems, onboard or ground communications network and the control center. Reliable and accurate transition of data on the communications network is important for providing passengers with the information and entertainment data.

High Reliability is a must. The environment inside the tram is quite complicated involving high temperature, constant vibrations, various kinds of EMC influences. This environment mandates that the switches have to be designed to rugged industrial design standards with components, power supplies, wirings, connectors, etc. all required to be suitable to work in harsh environment.


Henrich switches meet and exceed the harsh requirements with EN50155 compliant switches for rail applications such as PIS or Train Control Networks (TCN). The switches were installed and operated at a 100% success rate.

Henrich Electronics is a world class designer and manufacturer of industrial grade Ethernet switches, media converters and wireless access points. Since 2013 Henrich has been providing a full line of industrial Ethernet networking products, including products for intelligent transportation system, rail, light rail, manufacturing, water/waste water, utilities and more.