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China Rail Case Study

Henrich switches are being used as the backbone for China Rail next generation Train Control Network. China Rail evaluated 20 different global switch manufacturers over 18 months before choosing Henrich as their preferred Ethernet switch. A highly critical factor in choosing Henrich is the switches extremely fast recovery should one of the ring connections fail. The switch will recover and start communicating in faster than 5 ms for the Layer 2 switch and 15 ms for Layer 3, the fastest recovery times in the industry! In addition to the switches robust performance, the Henrich Layer 3 software had to be customized to meet the unique needs of China Rail.

The HEST12M series is small in size to meet the critical space needs in the control cabinet on board. The M12 connectors provide a robust and water proof connection to hold up to the most extreme environments. The fan-less cooling design adds to its reliability, along with its dual power supply inputs. It is also offered in 10/100 Mbps and gigabit and PoE options

The communication configuration is shown below.

Henrich Electronics is a world class designer and manufacturer of industrial grade Ethernet switches, media converters and wireless access points. Since 2013 Henrich has been providing a full line of industrial Ethernet networking products, including products for intelligent transportation system, rail, light rail, manufacturing, water/waste water, utilities and more.