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Wind Power Control System

Communications between wind columns are extremely critical yet difficult due to the covered large geograplic area. The internet EMC interference from the wind motors is also an important factor. Therefore, ruggedized network equipments are demanded for the wind power applications.

Iuside the wind column head, various onsite field equipments are installed there. We used a serial server product to connect those equipment to our Ethernet switch-HES8M, installed in the bottom of the wind column, then connected to our HES10M-2G using the fiber port. HES10M-2G, connected with other HES10M-2G using gigabit fiber ring, formed a redundant recovery fiber network. Using our media converter HEMC2, the HES10M-2G is connected with HES26MC-2G in the control center.

Industrial Grade Design, Hardened and Reliable
All Henrich's Wind Power category switches are designed with the wind mill harsh environment in mind. They are fanless, high MTBF, wide operating temperature dual redundant power inputs, etc. to create a strong, maintenance-free wind power communications system.