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ringopenRingOpen Redundancy (ROR):Our patent-pending RingOpenTM Redundancy technology has equipped Henrich's ……

ringonRingOn Redundancy:RingOn redundant recovery technology has been deployed in all Henrich's layer 2 and layer 3 industrial ……

Mining Comprehensive Surveillance System

Intrinsically safe products are critical to having a safe and reliable mining working environment. Henrich's HES10-2G and HES28M-4G are intrinsically safe compliant. compliant. With Henrich's sophisticated product features, we can provide both above/under ground mining surveillance systems with proven records.

Uninterrupted Redundant Network from Henrich
Patent-pending RingOpen from Henrich Electronics provides the ultimate network redundant recovery scheme. RingOpen allows the third party devices to join the network without any interruption to the redundancy of the network.