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Unmanaged Industrial PoE Switches

HES5A-4E60 Series
  • Compact size design
  • 4 IEEE 802.3bt compliant PoE++ ports
  • each PoE++ Port can provide up to 60W of DC power
  • 9~52VDC wide range redundant power inputs
  • -40 to +75°C operating temperature range optional
  • IP40 enclosure

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    5 Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switches with 4 IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ Ports
    The HES5A-4E60 series are smart, 5-port, unmanaged Ethernet switches supporting 4 PoE++ ports, with each port can provide up to 60 watts of DC power. The switches can be used for the indicators, LEDs, cameras and media screens in railway or other industrial Internet ap?plications. Compliant with IEEE802.3bt and the optional power class feature, HES5A-4E-60 allows the PD to indicate its power requirements at different voltages. The compact design makes HES5A-4E60 suitable for limited installing space. The switches can be easily installed on a DIN-rail or multi-directional panel mounting, and wide temperature models are optional. The minimum 9VDC power input is designed for the emergency circumstances that the train starts its standby battery which is 9VDC output.
    Network Standards IEEE802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3bt
    Processing Type Store and forward
    Broadcasting Storm Control Automatic Broadcast Storm Control
    Flow Control Full Duplex Flow Control, Half Duplex Back Pressure Control
    Protocols CSMA/CD(Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Direct)
    Switch Properties
    MAC Table Size 1K
    RJ45 Port Connectors Auto-negotiation10/100Base-T, Full/Half Duplex, Auto-MDI/MDIX
    Fiber Port Connectors 100Base-FX or SFP interface. SFP module is optional
    LED Indicators Power, 10/100M, PoE
    Power Requirements
    Input Voltage 9~52VDC @ 240W MAX
    Input Connection Standard four terminal power input
    PoE Parameter
    Output 60watts per port (total power≤240W)
    Voltage Power
    9V 55W
    12V 110W
    24V 150W
    36V 240W
    52V 240W
    Physical Characteristics
    Case Slim Metal Case, IP40 Design
    Dimensions 53.5×110×85mm
    Installation DIN Rail or Panel Mounting
    Optical Fiber
    Mode Typical Dist Wavelength Cable Size TX Power Rx Sensitivity Transmission Speed
    Multi-Mode 2km 1310nm 62.5/125um -20~-10dBm < -32dBm 100Mbps
    Single-Mode 20km 1310nm 9/125um -15~-8dBm < -32dBm 100Mbps
    Environment Limits
    Operating Temperature Standard Models: -10 to 60˚C
    Wide Temp Models: -40 to +75˚C
    Storage Temperature -40 to 85˚C
    Ambient Relative Humidity 5 to 95%(Non-condensing)
    Standards and Certifications
    EMI FCC Part15, CISPR(EN55022) Class A
    EMS EN61000-4-2(ESD) Level 3, EN61000-4-3(RS) Level 3,
    EN61000-4-4(EFT) Level 3, EN61000-4-5(Surge) Level 3,
    EN61000-4-6(CS) Level 3, EN61000-6-2
    Shock IEC 60068-2-27
    Freefall IEC 60068-2-32
    Vibration IEC 60068-2-6
    Warranty Period 3 years
    Model No. Description Price
    HES5A-4E60-VL Din-rail Unmanaged, 1 x 100Mbps Copper Port, 4 x PoE++ 100Mbps Copper Port, Operating Tempera?ture -10 to +60°C, Power Input 9~52VDC Quote
    HES5A-4E60-SFP-VL Din-rail Unmanaged, 1 x 100Mbps SFP Port, 4 x PoE++ 100Mbps Copper Port, Operating Temperature -10 to +60°C, Power Input 9~52VDC Quote
    HES5A-4E60-VLW Din-rail Unmanaged, 1 x 100Mbps Copper Port, 4 x PoE++ 100Mbps Copper Port, Industrial Wide Temperature -40 to +75°C, Power Input 9~52VDC Quote
    HES5A-4E60-SFP-VLW Din-rail Unmanaged, 1 x 100Mbps SFP Port, 4 x PoE++ 100Mbps Copper Port, Industrial Wide Tem?perature -40 to +75°C, Power Input 9~52VDC Quote