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SFP Modules

SFP-W Series



  • Single + 3.3V power supply
  • Differential Inputs and Outputs
  • Small Form Factor Pluggable MSA Compliant
  • Industrial Operation Temp.: -40℃ to +75 ℃


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    SFP-W Series
    The transceiver from Henrich is small form factor pluggable module with standard duplex connector for fiber communications. This module is designed for multi-mode-fiber (MMF) and operates at a nominal wavelength of 850 nm with cost effective and high performance. It is with the SFP 20-pin connector to allow hot plug capability.
    Absolute Maximum Ratings
    Supply Voltage 0~4V
    Storage Temperature -40 to +85˚C
    Operating Temperature  -40 to +75˚C  
    Lead Soldering Limits  MAX:260/10℃ /sec 
    General Specifications
    Data Rate 50 to 200Mbps, Typ: 155Mbps
    Supported Link Length
    on 62.5/125μm MMF
    Min: 2Km
    Supply Current Max: 300mA
    Power Dissipation 1000mW
    Transmitter Electrical Characteristics
    Supply Voltage 3.15 to 3.45V, Typ: 3.3V
    Data Differential Input Voltage 400 to 2000mV
    Disable Input Voltage -1.81 to -1.48V
    Enable Input Voltage  -1.16 to -0.88V 
    POut@TX Disable Asserted  Max:-45dBm 
    Transmitter Optical Characteristics
    Output Optical Power
    on 62.5μm MMF
    -10 to -3dBm
    Center Wavelength 830 to 870nm, Typ: 850
    Spectral Width (RMS) Max: 0.85nm
    Optical Rise Time (20%-80%) Max: 2ns
    Optical Fall Time (20%-80%)  Max: 2ns 
    Extinction Ratio  Min:9dB 
    Receiver Electrical Characteristics
    Supply Voltage 3.15 to 3.45V, type:3.3V
    Data Differential Output Voltage 500 to 1200mV
    Receiver LOS/SD Output
    Receiver LOS/SD Output
    0 to 0.8V
    Data Output Rise Time (20%-80%) Max:2ns
    Data Output Fall Time (20%-80%)  Max:2ns 
    Receiver Optical Characteristics
    Maximum Receiver Power Min: --3dBm
    Receiver Sensitivity Max: -28dBm
    Operating Wavelength 770 to 870nm
    Optical Return Loss Max: 12dB
    Signal Detect-Asserted  Max: -28dBm avg. 
    Signal Detect-Deasserted  Min: -46dBm avg. 
    Signal Detect-Hysteresis  Min: 0.5dB 
    Model No. Description Price
    SFP-W Multi-Mode Fiber Port with LC Connector, 2KM, Industrial Wide Temperature
    -40°C to +75°C.