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Windup™ Industrial Wireless a/n AP

HMMLE342 Series
  • IEEE 802.11a/n compliant
  • Atheros 560MHz Networking Processor
  • Up to 26dBm output power
  • Up to 300Mbps physical data rates
  • Enhanced sensitivity performance
  • Built-in 15dBi@5GHz dual-polarization antenna
  • Antenna Alignment Site Survey - LEDs/Buzzer
  • Distance Adjustment for long range transmission
  • Passive PoE
  • Weatherproof casing
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    HMMLE342 is a high-performance Outdoor Access Point with integrated PoE. Using Atheros AR9342 (560MHz)Processor, HMMLE342 supports high-speed data transmission up to 300Mbps. HMMLE342 is embedded with an integrated directional dual-polarization (vertical and horizontal) 5GHz,15dBi, high-gain antenna.

    Dual-polarization antenna provides good diversity coverage and better noise immunity. It has been integrated by high power radio to achieve longer range and higher throughput. The device is powerful, easy to handle, and also used in implementation over long distance by wireless ISP.
    System Information
    Processor Atheros AR9342 (560MHz)
    Memory Size 64MB DDR2
    NOR Flash 16MB
    LAN Interface 2 FE ports with Auto-MDI/X
    Antenna Integrated 5GHz 15dBi directional dual-polarization antenna
    Power Consumption 5w
    Power method Passive PoE
    RoHS Compliant Yes
    Humidity Operating: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
    Storage: Max.90% (non-condensing)
    Temperature Range Operating:-20°C to 70°C
    Storage: -40°C to 90°C
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 223 x 123 x 60 (mm)
    Connections Data
    Max of concurrent associations
    Encryption WPA2-PSK
    Client latency <100ms
    TCP, each station upload and download randomly from 384Kbps to 768Kbps Single radio               40clients
    Dual radio                  70clients (35 per radio)
    UDP, each station upload and download 2Mbps Single radio               20clients
    Dual radio                  30clients (15 per radio)
    Transmit Power & Receiver Sensitivity
    On-board Radio
    Transmit Power Data Rate                     5GHz (aggegate)                 Tolerance
    6Mbps                           26dBm                                   ±2dBm
    54Mbps                         21dBm                                   ±2dBm
    HT20 MCS0                  23dBm                                   ±2dBm
    HT20 MCS7                  25dBm                                   ±2dBm
    HT40 MCS0                  23dBm                                   ±2dBm
    HT40 MCS7                  24dBm                                   ±2dBm
    Receiver Sensitivity Data Rate                     5GHz                                      Tolerance
    HT20 MCS0                  -94dBm                                  ±2dBm
    HT20 MCS7                  -77dBm                                  ±2dBm
    HT40 MCS0                  -93dBm                                  ±2dBm
    HT40 MCS7                  -75dBm                                  ±2dBm
    15dBi@5GHz dual-polarization antenna
    Gain 15dBi
    Radiation Directional
    Frequency Range 5.5-5.9 GHz
    Polarization Dual – Polarization
    Azimuth -3dB Beamwidth Horizontal(Port 1): 30 degrees
    Vertical(Port 2): 33degrees
    Elevation -3dB Beamwidth Horizontal(Port 1): 17 degrees
    Vertical(Port 2): 17degrees
    Isolation -40dB (Max)
    Front-to-Back Ratio -30dB (Max)
    VSWR Horizontal (Port 1) : < 1: 1.87; Vertical (Port 2): < 1: 1.55
    Cross Polarisation Isolation -28dB (Max)
    SideLobe <-12dB
    Gain Plot
    Return Loss & Isolation Plot
    Polar Plots (At 5.6GHz)
    H-Pol Azimuth (Port 1 - H)
    H-Pol Elevation (Port 2 – V)
    V-Pol Azimuth (Port 2 – V)
    V- Pol Elevation (Port 1 – H)
    Warranty Period 3 years
    Model No. Description Price
    HMMLE342-US Integrated Antenna: 15dBi@5GHz
    Radio Output: 26dBm